Summer Camps 2016 

July 25,26,27,28 

Open to all our students as well as outside students, our coding camp will offer students an intensive and exciting coding and robotics experience. Each day students will face new challenges while working individually and in teams. 

Day 1

July 25, 2016 

COding unlugged 

Students will spend the first hour working in pairs on different unplugged activities. Unplugged activities are physical activities that teach students basic coding concepts. 

Day 2 

July 26, 2016


On day two, students will begin working together to build a video game. Students will build a game from scratch by creating each block and using a unique coding language to build an arcade style game. 

In the second hour students will use the skills learned from their game development to create a video game based on an original story. 

Day 3 

July 27, 2016

Maze Mayhem Challenge 


In this challenge students will use the mathematical and problem solving skills to build and navigate Sphero a robot ball through a complex maze. 

Day 4 

July 28, 2016

Hour of code 


Students will combine all the coding and problem solving skills they have accumulated over the past three days and complete the hour of code. 

coding journals 

In the last hour students will put together all that they have learned into an E-portfolio.