Makey makey Camp 2017


Camp Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to Make Makey and Scratch

On the first day students will be introduced to the Makey Makey as well as how to use the Makey Makey with Scratch coding. At the end of each day students will add photos and thoughts to  a reflection journal.



Day 2: Simple circuit challenge 

Students will work in pairs to solve four circuit challenges using the coding and electronic skills they learned on day 1. 

Day 3 Game Controller Challenge 

On day three, students will combine their electronic knowledge with coding to build a unique game controller for a Scratch game. Students will be required to use the Makey Makey and different household objects to create a controller for their Scratch Games. 


Day 4 

Finally on day four students will complete a 3-5 minute presentation on the different electronic and coding elements they learned over the course of the camp. In addition, students will defend their game controller design in a student lead Q & A. 




Halloween Party 2016

Halloween Party 2015

Learning a language is more than grammar and proper spelling. In order to fully understand a new language it's important to understand the culture. One of the most celebrated holidays in the west is Halloween. Every year we teach our students the importance of culture by celebrating Halloween. 

Skype Call with Leo Mendoza from Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary

Our students were very lucky to speak with Leo Mendoza, the owner and operator of the Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary (BAPS). Mr. Mendoza taught our students all about proper pet care. 

Sharks 4 Kids

Teaching our students about environmental and animal protection is very important to us. Therefore, we do our best to find local and international guest speakers to engage students. 

Our Chat with Toontastic Creator Andy Russell

It is important for our students to know that the people who create computer games and software are just like them. The co-creator of one of our favorite apps Toontastic took the time to answer our questions and also inspire our students to follow their dreams where ever it may lead them. 

Mystery Skype


A good digital citizen understands how to interact with people from different cultures. Mystery Skype has allowed us to meet and learn about students from across the globe. Our students have learned about life in Spain, India, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.